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        Psychodrama was born in Vienna in the beginning of the 20th century and, in the year of 1921 Jabob Levy Moreno held his first public session. Moreno’s original ideas have been systematically worked through and enriched by the theoretical contributions of his followers.

        Psychodrama is a psychotherapeutic method with deep roots in the theater, psychology and sociology, and has as its core dramatization. Etymologically the word Psychodrama combines "psyche" which means soul and "drama" which means action or achievement, the soul in action

        The psychodrama method is a method of individual therapy in group or individual that is based on the concept of role playing. The therapeutic process takes place in the here and now and enact the patient stories, whether past, present or future.  The dramatization, space for the "as if", facilitates the expression of conflicts in a protected field, where all the action is possible and reversible, where you can freely expose interactions and find new ways of relating.

        The psychoanalytic psychodrama, born in France in 1944, combines the classic setting and techniques of psychodrama with psychoanalytic theories, seeking to enhance the structure of psychodrama, as conceived by Jacob Moreno, Jaime Bermudez and Alfredo Soeiro. Didier Anzieu tells us "(...) the analytical psychodrama favors the expression of conflict through symbolic images (...)", he characterized four important aspects in Psychodrama: dramatization of conflicts, symbolic communication, cathartic effect and playful nature.






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