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Has a duration of three years and is organized into 7 modules, totaling 228 hours.


Student must attend two thirds of teaching hours for each module.



1st year Seminars – 90 hours


Module 1: "Theories and Techniques of Psychoanalytic Psychodrama" - 36 hours
Module 2: "Theories of Groups" - 36 hours
Module 3: "Games and Corporal Techniques" - 18 hours



2nd year Seminars – 84 hours


Module 1: "Psychopathology: Personality Structures and Organizations " - 48 hours

Module 2: Psychodramatic  Technics  - 36 hours


Psychodrama Seminars, 6 hours with exemplary clinical situations and simultaneous training of the roles of Director and Assistant Ego.



3rd year Seminars – 54 hours


Module 1: "Children, Adolescents and Family Dynamics" - 18 hours
Module 2: "Psychoanalytic Theory" - 36 hours





Timing and Venue


The seminars are held in Lisbon and Porto, on Saturdays (usually one to two Saturdays a month from September to June) according to a annual calendar provided to trainees.





In each academic year Training Program may undergo some changes according to Teaching Commission decisions.




The trainee can start a group, as Auxiliary Ego and Director of the group, under supervision at the end of the second year of their training (ie, having done 4 or 5 modules in order to match the frequency of a minimum of 150 teaching hours).

Two years of practice are required amounting to a minimum of 200 hours as Auxiliary Ego and Director of the group.

Supervision will be taught by a training psychodramatyst, and can be validated after two years (160 hours of supervision).



Activity Report

Once you have done all of the training modules and after validation of your group, of which the supervisor shall inform the Teaching Committee , the student may submit an application to Member (Psychodramatist) by submitting a Report of Activities that will be evaluated by the Teaching Committee in accordance with what is defined in the Rules of Operation.




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