Admission Interviews


The three individual interviews, by training psychodramatysts, have a cost of 75 € to be paid directly to SPPPG.



Candidate to member SPPPG


Admission to training in group psychoanalytic psychodrama confers the quality of candidate  to member and the obligation to pay an annual fee to SPPPG (In 2013 in the amount of 60 €).



Training in Theory and Techniques of Group Psychoanalytic Psychodrama 


The inscription on the training involves the payment of all seminaries of the respective school year, even if the student has not participated in a seminar.

In the first year of enrollment payment corresponds to all seminars conducted of that academic year after admission of the candidate.

Whenever, by reason of having missing the frequency of some seminar, you come to attend in later years you must pay your participation in specific seminar, even if you are attending another school year.


Any situation that does not adapt to these rules must be submitted in advance to the direction of SPPPG, which shall transmit to the Training Commission when it is in their sphere of decision.



Forms of payment


Payments should be made ​​by bank transfer to the Society of Group Psychoanalytic Psychodrama.